Semantic Search: New Technologies, Ideas and Companies
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    Shree Pragada
ExeCue, Inc.
  Anand Rajaraman   Anand Rajaraman
  Dmitri Soubbotin   Dmitri Soubbotin
Founder & CEO
Semantic Engines


Thursday, June 24, 2010
11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Level:  Business / Non-Technical

Semantics is changing search paradigms more profoundly than most of us yet realize. And it’s just the beginning of the shift. Semantics changes the way we interact with search, and how we experience the process. A great example of this is Siri, the voice search application demonstrated at SemTech last year.

This session will cover numerous new ideas, companies and technologies in the semantic search world, including:

  • Living Search: The convergence of AI, natural language understanding, common sense reasoning and machine learning into a fully contextual, personalized discovery platform
  • Deep Web: That portion of the Web hidden from view that is estimated to have 500 times more content than is findable on current search engines. What is the effect on information usage when search engines can sift through library catalogs, airline reservation systems, phone books and all kinds of scientific databases lying deep inside the Web?
  • Search Appliances: A vision of search driven by millions of community built search applications and widespread public and private data sets, customized for select content. One way to think of this is as community-based versions of Wolfram Alpha

As Founder & CEO of ExeCue, Shree led the development of a pioneering search platform to search both databases & documents so users can ask simple questions and get relevant knowledge driven results. When searching databases, ExeCue shows automatic charts & tables in real-time even from multi-terabyte databases. Using this technology, ExeCue launched SEMANTIFI.COM as an open search portal where the community can build & share Search Apps. has initial Apps to search datasets covering SEC Filings, Analyst Ratings, US Economic Metrics, Government Spending, Earmarks, and CrunchBase's Venture Funding. To see the value for internet users, compare search queries like "Amazon, Best Buy Sales and Income" at, "Cleantech companies from Boston" at, "Earmarks by Senator" at with Future Search will be driven by millions of community built Search Apps or search engines customized for select content not 2 or 3 general purpose Search Engines.

Anand Rajaraman is a co-founder of Kosmix, a computer science professor at Stanford University, and a founding partner of Cambrian Ventures, an early-stage VC fund. In 1996, Anand co-founded Junglee, the company that pioneered Internet comparison shopping. After Amazon acquired Junglee in 1998 for $250 million, Anand helped create Amazon's marketplace business, which today accounts for over 30% of Amazon's gross merchandise sales. Anand sits on the board of several successful Silicon Valley start-ups, and is a frequent commentator on data mining techniques in search, social media, and advertising. He blogs at and on

Dmitri Soubbotin is the Founder & CEO of Semantic Engines LLC. He started working in the field of intelligent text processing in the early 1990s. His first system called IntelText was presented at Esther Dyson’s PC Forum. He participated in a number of startups and also consulted for major corporations in a product definition or management role. Working on Internet search applications, he came up with an idea of using multi-document summary as the main result of a search engine. He filed a patent application detailing the approach. In 2007 he founded Semantic Engines LLC, which created semantic search engine SenseBot, followed by a suite of other tools. Dmitri is focusing on new approaches and applications of text mining and semantic analysis of content. Dmitri lives in New York City.

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